Friday, April 15, 2011

Adios, Efficiency!

This picture was taken the morning that we left the efficiency for the airport, by the mister's father (thanks!).  For anyone who didn't get to enjoy the full tour, it was crammed full of stuff and things, leaving not-a-whole-lotta-space to walk or move around in.  

I barely fell asleep that night, teeter-tottering between "worriedness" and "excitedness".  So, in the interest of privacy {and shielding from my awful morning face}, our head regions are somewhat blurred out. Having been wrapped up in the GO-ing part of moving, I forgot to eat breakfast.  Thankfully, we stopped at a drive-through, nommed on some calories, and managed to prevent food-tude.  Phew, what a relief!  
The efficiency had only one "room": the bathroom. Other than that, it was an open area.  No more seeing the kitchen from my bed. Yay!
I still can't believe how many boxes we had in there, and how well everything is fitting into our new place.  Finally... no more cramped mini-storage!


em said...

way to prevent food-tude. hooray!

nat said...

It can be delayed with excitement, sometimes, but it always hits harder the second time!