Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Outwitting the Music

I have quite a bit of sheet music and other books for cello and piano.  It hasn't really been organized or sorted through in quite a while (read: ever?), and figured it was about time.  The "giant-stack-of-formidable-music" was previously jumbled all together.  This was a huge pain to look through each time I wanted to find one specific piece of music.  These past few days, it has been my project to sort through all the music by instrument, and then attempt to sort it -somewhat- by skill level and music type.

"AHA!" I thought to myself.

...it dawned on me that stores make special things for organizing other things.  I checked out the office supplies section of Target and found two nice sized boxes with hanging files inside.  So, I bought the portfolio type boxes and they each fit nicely inside the larger, sturdier box.  (Boxes, boxes, boxes! I can't seem to escape boxes!)

There's some stuff that doesn't fit in the two smaller boxes, so it stays in the "extra space" or sits on top.  The oddly shaped extra strings, metronomes, rosin, polish, etc. fit perfectly in the lower left corner area.

So now, when I want music, I can lift it out vertically and have a much easier time searching for it.  It might sound lame, but I'm glad I finally made sense of it all.  We finally have enough space to leave the cello (and the mister's guitars) out in the den, and there's a piano/library room in our apartment's clubhouse which we have 24/7 access to.  I've only tried it out for a few minutes before, but it seems fairly decent. Now I just need to make myself take a break and go play for awhile!


em said...

this morning i saw a little girl (8-10 years of age) carry her cello on her back. can you do that with yours? my violin is so out of tune it's sad.

nat said...

I can carry it on my back, but if it's not high enough (or the strap slips) it kind of hits me in the back of the knees

my D string is loose, but no broken strings. I'm terrified of tuning it since the knobs are so tight and I've been snapped in the face a few times by strings breaking :\