Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stove Hint

Warning!: This isn't too terribly exciting, but for those of you who are curious what we're up to, have at it!
I figured I'd share this gem of a secret that I discovered two nights ago while making supper with the Mr.

So, the Mr. was cutting tomatoes and grating zucchini while I began with the other half of the process.  I eyeballed some oil into the skillet and put it on the stove's burner to heat up, turning it to medium-high.  After about three or four minutes, I decided it was hot enough and could put in the bag of frozen veggies. It should have taken about 8 minutes, at that point, but the broccoli was still frozen.  I  tossed in the next ingredient anyway, and waited a little longer. I mentioned to the Mr. that it was still cold, and that I figured it would just be awhile longer till we'd eat.


He solved the problem for me: I had picked the wrong burner's dial to turn on, so the skillet was just sitting on a cold burner the entire time (about 20 min at that point).  Instead, another burner we weren't using was pretty hot.

At that point, we were able to begin cooking our food "for real".  I am wondering how long it would have taken me to figure that out if I had been cooking by myself.  Oy!!  Nothing ground breaking or catastrophic... At least it was just veggies and precooked chicken, and it all got up to temperature eventually; it just took a little longer than expected.

So there is your lovely kitchen hint from me - if your food ever seems to take just a litttttle too long heating up and your stove is in decent condition, check the dial! =]


em said...

thanks for the lesson, i will keep that in mind when I cook next.

the mister said...

That was a fail on both of our parts :/