Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger was down

Blogger was down for part of yesterday and most of today... so it looks like I lost an entire post that I wrote. :( I also have to re-design some stuff I lost.

I can recap later...but for now, I'm still on the hunt looking for my camera. I'm sure it's somewhere around here- I just need to find it. Wish me luck!


em said...

I see you redid your button! I had to re-add linkwithin and some of my posts were in draft mode, and i think i lost one entire post (my complaint about walmart) but that's okay.

nat said...

Yep! I wanted my button to look more square, like the other buttons I see. I'm just glad I didn't lose a photo-heavy post... I usually don't save my edited versions of pictures except for in draft mode.