Monday, May 16, 2011

Pillow #1

I recently bought fabric and pillow forms to make pillows, since I figured the living room could use something new. Most of Friday was spent trying to figure out how to get the sewing machine threaded.  Once I figured that out, the thread kept bunching up on the bottom. So, I'm pretty surprised that I finished it this weekend. It didn't take too long once I sat down to do it.
Here are the four fabrics I'll use- there will be 6 pillows in total.  The hues look kind of weird on my computer screen, though. I kind of sketched out what I was going for... and then pretty much just eyeballed it.  I would have run into less problems if I were "fancy" and used a "measuring tape".  You can see that I recorded dimensions, but I pretty much just ignored those and started cutting. 
The Mr. thought he was being sneaky and took a picture of me sewing. I must have not noticed him. You can see that I'm wearing awesome slippers with my awesome headband/ponytail.  This is why I do not generally write about fashion. :P
Here's a close-up of the blue ruffle that I put on. I think it could look a whole lot better, but the Mr. was nice and complimented it.

Here is the finished product.  I definitely need to learn a better way of stitching the last part closed, once the pillow is stuffed inside. I'm mostly happy with it...1 down, 5 to go!

Other than pillow-making, the Mr. and I went out to eat Saturday and had a pretty relaxing Sunday. It rained all of Saturday and all of Sunday, so we only spent a little time outside. And the weirdest part about the weekend? We saw a clown entering the apartment clubhouse as we were leaving the gym Saturday- I didn't know really what to say. It was awkward.  There must have been a kid's birthday party going on, or something like that.

Happy Monday folks!


em said...

cute pillows...I know being "fancy" can be difficult. where did you get the slippers? and is that unicorn on the wall for real? or an added image to enhance the photo?

nat said...

Slippers are from Target- my feet are always cold, and I don't like wearing 'outside' shoes 'inside'. The unicorn was a sticker from picnik, but it would be cool if it were real. The background was so bright and boring, I figured I could enhance it.

em said...

I thought it would be super funny if that were really in your apartment...seeing as now you are a couple :)