Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend Walk

Hello, everyone!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  It was gorgeous here both Saturday and Sunday... I couldn't have asked for any better weather for the weekend.  The sun was out, it was 65-70*, slight breeze...verrrry nice weather. 

On Saturday, the Mr. and I walked to the library to get our cards and check out some books. It was a rather forest-y walk there, which was nice to enjoy.  The only downside was that there was no sidewalk the entire way there, so I'm not sure if it would be feasible to walk there when it's wintertime and snowy.  There was a nature-type expo going on at the library, which included naturalists from the area, a local photographer/journalist for the capital region newspaper, wildlife experts, and the local boyscouts.  Everyone wanted us to take their calender of events, and it was pretty fun hearing everyone so excited about their neck of the woods. Which, as it turns out, is also our neck of the woods, now, too. :)  So, we'll have to look through several pages of events, and pick out a few things that look fun and interesting to us.  Some of the events were stargazing, cutting out invasive species (which we could use as an ingredient in pesto), and several hikes through the area. 

Anywho, after we visited the library, we trekked on over to the YMCA to check the place out and look at their rates.  We're also pretty interested in continuing with a martial arts program (taekwondo and/or hapkido, preferably).  There are a few dojangs around the area, and the Y's martial arts program looks decent.  For now, though, our apartment complex has a basic workout area [2 treadmills, 1 elliptical, 1 bike, multipurpose weight machine] which should be able to get us through the warm months.   After the Y, we ate lunch on the balcony and did some necessary paperwork, before heading out for a walk which ended up with carrying groceries back from the store. We rested up a bit, and went out again, since it was so nice, and played Frisbee.  I had worn the pedometer on Saturday, and it said we walked 5.4 miles. HOLY COW! Cardio= walking, strength training= carrying groceries back from the store, short burst activity=frisbee.  Needless to say, I slept well that night.

this is what it looked like for most of our walk to the library

we also saw this on our way to the library

At the library- I'm not really sure who this book is trying to appeal to. But it looked weird enough, so I took a picture of it.

Sunday, even though it's {obviously} more recent than Saturday, kind of eludes me.  I know we went for two walks and ended up buying some seeds {basil, green onion, yellow squash, green peppers, tomatoes, marigolds, snapdragons} and pots to put them in. The pedometer said we walked 3.3 miles on Sunday, by the end of the day.  I think being out in the sun made me more tired than usual, since it has been almost constantly rainy here.  It's turned everything green pretty fast!  Looks like things will either get 'greener' or 'soggier'- the forecast for the week is:

Mon-  Showers
Tues-  T-Showers
Wed-  Rain
Thurs- Few Showers
Fri- Partly Cloudy

We saw that plant a bunch of times on our walk.

could it be wild rhubarb or something else?

white, flowering tree.

I was surprised how well these pictures came out, btw.  I snapped these with the Mr.'s camera on his phone, and they turned out surprisingly well, if not as good as my camera. Happy Monday!


em said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy weekend! It snowed again today and yesterday. :)

nat said...

I can't believe you just got snow! that is ridiculous. You'll probably have warmer temps later in the autumn, though.