Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hiking and Caves

The Mr. and I have had some guests for the past few days and we've been doing a whole bunch of "out-and-about"-ing! I didn't take pictures of everything, but we have visited a local blueberry festival, hiked a mountain, explored a cave, been to the mall, campus, and the pool a few times. Phew - busy, busy, busy!

I mostly only took pictures while we were hiking/at the summit. A few at the end of the slideshow were after our cave tour. I figured a slideshow would be way easier than editing all the pictures and having a photo-heavy post, so I'll see if this works out well enough to use again.

The hike up the mountain took about 3 times longer than it did coming back down (~ 4 hours round trip, total, including lunch?). I think we were all happy to have a break at the top, and certainly glad it wasn't rainy or too humid! I think I'd definitely go back there again. 

The cave tour was pretty fun, too. We had a boat ride through the cave river/stream, which was cool. I didn't take many pictures down there, since my pictures of rocks/caves/castles all tend to turn out way too similar. So, enjoy the pictures!


em said...

Looks like it was a nice day for a hike! That would have been tough had the humidity been too much!

nat said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to go if it was humid like it is today! Heat advisory- yikes.