Monday, August 1, 2011

Alive. Barely.

I made it out of the dentist's office alive. Barely. Maybe tomorrow I'll get a recipe posted for eggplant Parmesan or update with pictures from the weekend. (We did a TON of stuff this weekend!)

But, for now, my Novocaine is wearing off and I'm thinking I need some painkillers and an early evening nap.  Soft foods for supper since the Mr. also went to the dentist today. I'm thinking....a smoothie, applesauce, and soup.


em said...

Did you have a boatload of cavities or something? Is that the second time now that you've been to the dentist?

nat said...

Well, I think it's just updated technology that my new dentist is working with. They weren't huge cavities, but they got fixed. (Plus he had to fix a filling that was done improperly from before.) I floss/brush/mouthwash twice a day, and I don't drink pop or eat too many sweets. Hopefully this is it for awhile.