Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gone last week, gone next week, and apple swans

Instead of a regular blog post, here is a cloud of words that I made using Wordle. Seems like summer is going so fast that I can barely think enough to make a coherent blog post! 
We had family visiting last week, so that's why I've been away from the net for so long. Aaaaand, I'll be gone for awhile on vacation to see more family this next week. School starts right when I get back, so I hope I'm ready!

HONK HONK- I made a swan out of an apple!  Sadly, I do not yet know how to make an apple out of a swan. That might take a little more gene splicing and a lot less fruit slicing. Ha ha ha.

I followed this video on how to make a swan out of an apple. Not really sure how I came across this video.

Isn't it pretty? It will be tasty!