Monday, August 29, 2011

Less than expected can occasionally be a good thing

So, I expected more out of the "hurricane/tropical storm" (based on all the hype from the media) that went through the area.  I expected huge power outages, no water, hail damage, etc. Fortunately for us, the power only flickered on and off a few times, the water supply remained unchanged, and there wasn't any hail. It most certainly downpoured from Saturday night through most of Sunday, and it was pretttttty windy. It didn't seem much worse than other rain/snow storms I've been in. I know some streets near rivers and creeks around here have become flooded, but I think it's staying localized to those areas. Not sure about wind damage, though, since I haven't been out and about yet.

Tomorrow will be my first day of classes and I'll be taking Medicinal Chemistry/Pharmacology and Physics II.

On an unrelated note, something reminded me of the Skunk River Navy and I found a picture with the rest of the SRN here. {I'm wearing the teal T-shirt!!} I remember having fun, picking up the trash from our designated length of river. (I thought about posting the actual picture on the blog, but I'm not quite sure how online photo sharing works, so I figured I could just link to it).

Not sure what reminded me of that...maybe the start of the fall semester, and all the rain from the past few days? Those are my bits of random thoughts for now.

 I hope everyone is having a calm Monday
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kelly said...

this was a wonderful post, i love your blog and thanks for the comment you left on mine! good luck with classes tomorrow!
--kelly f.

Lori said...

gosh your classes sound hard! glad that everyone is safe from the hurricane! hawaii has a lot of tsunami/hurricane scares and it's just terrifying.

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em said...

glad it wasn't as bad as expected! gotta hate the hype.

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Awww I am so glad you are safe!! That's all that matters. :o)