Thursday, September 15, 2011

Edit Me - Week 18

I haven't done an 'Edit Me' challenge for a few weeks, but I remembered it this week and am on the band wagon! This weeks photo was from Kathryn at our tiny big life. I was excited to see that the original photo could be edited in many creative ways, since it had such bright fun colors and a few open spaces. (I still can't get the hang of editing skin/faces/people, so I think it's best if I stick to inanimate objects!! at least for now.)


This was pretty fun, since I figured out how to add a 'unique' layer onto fotoflexer by bringing in a second photo. I did most, if not all, of the editing to the layer instead of the original photo. I thought it looked pretty fun with the misaligned squares of the texture layer, and whatnot! 

Check out the other entries, they're pretty cool too! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job! :D

em said...

Very Cool edit...I've been meaning to give fotoflexer a try...maybe now I'll remember/!

Kathryn said...

texture of any kind always adds dimension and, in this case, a lot of fun! so glad you linked up :)

Sewplicity said...

What a fun edit!

Megan said...

Very cool! Gives it a real vintage look.

Stampmouse said...

fun edit