Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Smiling veggies with a working mouseover effect!

I'm experimenting with the 'mouseover' image thing and textures, so if you want to see the original unedited photo, just put your mouse over the picture. I like the first edit more than the second...something went wrong there, but I figured I'd share them anyway. 

[Edit: This definitely didn't work the first time I posted it! But now it does, thanks to em alerting me to Ana Eugenio's tutorial and code for a mouseover effect here. It was super easy to follow, compared to the other four or five codes I tried and it seems to work. Thanks so much for the great post, Ana, and I'm happy that it's a success!]



Danelle said...

What a clever idea!

em said...

i emailed it to you..though i haven't tried it myself.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Such a cute idea :)