Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas! (a little late!!!!!!!)

This is a few days late, but here is a belated, virtual "Merry Christmas!" I was hoping for a little snow, but it just ended up being rain. Hopefully we get some accumulation soon!
The Mr. and I had a relaxing four day weekend.  Here are some pictures of our tree and presents...

I made mosaic cookies, which turned out surprisingly well for my first time making them.

The Mr. helped me make pretzel/Hershey/M&M candies. We used Hugs for this batch...

...and Kisses for this batch.

We also played some Yahtzee and made mint cut-out cookies. 

We did a 500 piece puzzle during the course of a movie ('Into the Wild') and during lunch the next day. (Btw, the book is WAY better than the movie!)

I would have formatted the pictures, but I decided to keep things moving along this evening. 
Hope everyone is doing well!

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Em S said...

I think I ate most of an entire roll of those marshmallows cookies while I was home...I'm gonna need to get that recipe! Yay for the puzzzle!