Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Today I like lists, since I can't find the camera and don't have a picture to post:
  1. THANKS! I just wanted to give a quick THANKS! to the folks who wished me a happy birthday a few days ago! It's been a pretty busy week and I had a lovely birthday spent with the Mr. and some friends. The Mr. gave me a fuzzy hat with ear flaps and purple scarf (which I pointed at everytime we went in the store) so he knew exactly what I wanted! I always enjoy getting mail, but birthday cards in the mail are the best! So those will be sitting out to be enjoyed for awhile longer, too. :)
  2. Final exams are this Friday and next Friday, for me. So my work schedule is a bit wonky, but it'll work out. I have lots of studying to do!
  3. Snow: It hasn't snowed here yet - JUST RAIN! It is about 60*F and raining outside, so I wore my birthday rainboots outside instead of choosing snowboots. This is crazy! Normally there's about a foot of snow outside in early December.
So that's my update- I hope everyone's having a good week so far! (Hopefully I can find my camera, wherever it's hiding!!!!!)


Megan said...

Today I liked lists too!! Lists are definitely the way to go :)

We have snow today. You can have it!!

em said...

I wanna see a picture of that hat!