Monday, March 28, 2011


Welcome to this small chunk of the internet, which has been named 'Happily Going'. :-)  I'm not sure if it's up to par yet, but I figured I could leave an update about the moving process.

The mister and I flew out Saturday, March 19.  Flights were on time, the layover was brief, and it was relatively uneventful overall - which are all good things.  We left the airport in a rental car and (points for thinking ahead!!) used the GPS to easily find where we'd be staying for awhile. It's close to the airport, which would be okay if we were only here for a day or two, but every plane flying overhead shakes the windows and makes it sound as if the plane itself will descend upon the motel. It will be nice to move out, which brings me to . . .

relocation - which has been a debacle on almost every account. Just so I don't "jinx" anything ahead of time, I am waiting to enjoy writing a moving company review online once we have all of our stuff in our possession.  The one thing that has gone amazingly well was the auto-moving process. The cars were picked up March 18 and dropped off intact less than a week later.  I am anxiously awaiting a phone call for apartment approval, which I don't want to get too excited about until it's actually ours. A lot of stuff is waiting on having an address, like motor vehicle registration, school applications, utilities, etc. In the meantime, there has been lots of necessary paperwork, legal stuff, and awkward phone calls (which aren't fun!) and there is lots more to do yet. The mister's job is going well, and that's about as much as I can say.

On another note, there won't be any photos for awhile, since the camera cord to upload pictures was in the efficiency.  All of our stuff should be arriving here on Friday. (Notice, the operative word 'should'.) That's the basic summary on relocation thus far. It would be nice if it was warm enough to leave without a coat, but I think I'll have a to wait a little longer for that.

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em said...

yah moving! Let's hope all the stuff and things arrive safely!