Friday, April 1, 2011


We signed the lease to our apartment this afternoon, got the keys, and did some cleaning (which was definitely needed!).  It wasn't like what the mister or I remembered, but that's okay since it was way better than what we thought it looked like the first time we saw it!  It will be nice to finally be at a place where we aren't constantly waiting to move out. I guess it'll just be an added bonus that we won't be living in a mini-storage.  Two rooms, one bathroom, tons of closets, a real living room, a real dining room, a real kitchen, a balcony, and lotsa windows to let in the light from the east and the west. Holy smokes!  Our window space just quadrupled from the efficiency!!

Hopefully some pictures get taken of the clean, empty apartment before the movers toss our stuff everywhere. They should arrive tomorrow morning, and all will be dandy. Then, we can set to the task of organizing and getting connected to the Internet! :)

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Anonymous said...

yay! keys! i never had the opportunity to check out the efficiency but if it's anything like the pictures i saw of the front door, I'm going to say it's an upgrade!