Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Anyone need a box?

We've got plenty of boxes to spare!  These are all the empty boxes...there are boxes stuffed with packing paper, boxes inside of boxes, boxes next to boxes, boxes that have been flattened, boxes that I trip over, boxes behind boxes, and boxes, boxes everywhere! (It feels kind of like a Dr. Seuss book, but the socks are in a bag, unfortunately and not a box, so that's not quite as catchy.)
how many boxes?
Our five boxes of books are staying in boxes for now, since we don't have a bookshelf to put them on yet.  They're too heavy to stack, so they just get to hang out in the den's closet for a little while longer.  Once everything's more in order, there will be pictures of things besides boxes, but for now... this is it!  Exciting, huh?

The mister and I have really enjoyed having an actual area to call our dining room. I didn't measure it myself, but the floor plan online says it's 10'x9'.  It's nice to have space to move around in! Even though these boxes are stacked to the ceiling (like the efficiency), there's still plenty of space to walk around avoid the boxes. (Plus the boxes should be leaving relatively soon, since the moving company will take them away.) I think I'm going to be grateful for all this space for quite awhile!


Anonymous said...

Have you ever heard the George Carlin routine about having "stuff"? He says you need a bigger place because you have more stuff. Then, you get more stuff and you need a BIGGER place for your stuff!!!So you get a bigger place, but then, you get more stuff!!!

nat said...

Not sure if I've heard it, but it sounds about right!!