Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All our belongings arrived safely

The movers were here early Saturday morning with their giant truck full of all our stuff.  It was hard to stand by, without interfering, and let three random guys carry all our stuff in.  From our windows, I watched as my cello was tipped quite precariously against the truck and hoped that a gust of wind wouldn't knock it over. I asked them to bring that in next since I was nervous about it.  Once I inspected it to find that everything was in tip-top shape, I was much more comfortable knowing that if my cello was safe then everything else was. . .  which it was! It took the three guys 2-3 hours to bring everything inside.

The whole time I was wondering how everything would travel, and I am very appreciative that we didn't have to do this ourselves!  Unpacking the boxes took all of Sunday and part of Monday.  Everything was packed with tons and tons and TONS of paper.  There are many empty boxes and lots of paper waiting to be hauled away and recycled.

The Internet just got up and running today, so I'll have lots to catch up on.  Otherwise, the mister's been busy at work and I've been busy organizing stuff and applying to school! Lots to do yet!!


em said...

Yay! Glad all your stuff made it! Could you imagine what a pain that would have been if you had to do it yourself?

nat said...

ugh, I know! I probably would have had to do it all myself too, since the mister's start date was solid at that point. glad *that* didn't happen!