Thursday, May 19, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Filling out medical, insurance, academic, and other types of paperwork is awkward because my last name is consistently "wrong"/not updated, I record a former address, and fill out the Mr.'s phone number instead of my own.   The people reading my forms must be confused... Most notably, I keep writing the wrong address on the 'return address' part of the envelope. Hopefully I start remembering these things better!!

People enjoy disregarding the painted parking lines. A lot.  Why? I have no idea.
also, this car had no license plates.

Wandering around big buildings, being lost, but refusing to stop to look at a map. Even when a map is nearby.  That is totally my own stubborn fault for feeling awkward.  

I ventured out for the first time since I've been car, alone...and I made it back a-l-i-v-e! Mind you, the GPS was solely responsible for leading me to and from the correct locations.  When I tried to guess which way to turn by myself, my instincts were wrong almost every time. Thank goodness for the GPS!!

The Mr. has this Friday {tomorrow} off.  Hooray!

I learned the reason why I sneeze when I look at the sun or a bright light.  It's an evolutionary relic called the photic sneeze reflex or ACHOO syndrome, dating back to cave-man times {which is how all the best stories start out}.  The sneezing was an automated reaction that occurred to clear the debris from said cave-man's nose when exiting the cave, so that he could breathe better and smell more acutely when he left the cave.  The sun was an automatic trigger that said to the cave-man's brain, "Hey, we're going outside and need to breathe to be able to smell predators- like bears.  MAKE ME SNEEZE!" And now you know.  You're welcome! :)

Some of the seeds we planted a week or two ago are growing!  Well, not all of them.  Time will tell if they've been over-watered or if they'll sprout later.  Hopefully they sprout!

I'm actually not a huge fan of marigolds, but I was hoping that they'd keep the bugs away.  I hope the snapdragons catch up fast!!

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em said...

planting things is fun! good luck and hopefully the will all grow and be plentiful!

nat said...

I hope so too!

Megan said...

I hopped over here from your A&A link up! And hopefully it's ok with you that I'm now your newest follower!

Love that you planted snapdragons! Those are my favorite!

You're welcome to come visit my blog too! Feel free to follow if you enjoy it :)

nat said...

Thanks for checking it out, and followers are always fantastic!!

I'm thinking that if we ever get a non-rainy day, they might just pop up. That would be fantastic!