Thursday, May 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

  • I'm pretty awkward with wait-staff at restaurants.  Usually, I just try to keep my order succinct.  I like to spit out my order and hope they don't ask a million questions about it. Other times, I can't hear what the waiter or waitress is saying.  Fun stuff.
  • My phone goes missing sporadically... on occasion I have to send a text to my phone from the Internet so I can hear the sound and try to find it.  If I can't find it by then, the Mr. will call it for me when he gets back from work. I have a hard time keeping it in the same spot, for some reason. :\  Same goes for my camera, except it makes no sound and stays hidden.
  • I personally  know the names of only a handful of people in this entire state, and I forgot the name of the person who sits next to me in class during lab. :-\ I'm not a huge fan of calling people, "HEY YOU!" Names are nice to know.
  • I am ever so slowly trying to learn how to play the Mr.'s acoustic guitar. I've got the concept, but I keep wanting to hold it like a cello, and it seems so weird that the strings are flat instead of rounded.  
  • Most of the material (except some of the cranial and pelvic bones) in my class is brand new to me yet, which is awesome.  It's kind of like I have a head start on everyone else...already knowing glycoloysis, the Krebs cyle, oxidative phosphorylation, neuro terms, cellular organelles, cellular transport mechanisms. {Go, me!}  Not that I 100% remember all of these things, but at least they aren't brand new. First quiz is tomorrow. Wish me luck!
  • The apartment complex pool opens this Saturday. I'm really hoping they save an hour or two for lap swim every day, because that would add some variety to my exercise routine.  For the sake of everyone else, I should probably buy a new one-piece suit, sooner rather than later.  Usually, if I lap swim, instead of just sitting out, I've been wearing two or three worn out suits to equal one decent suit.
  • My three day weekend after the quiz, because of Memorial Day, will be relaxing. I think the Mr. had a few ideas of what we might do, but I'm not sure if we decided on one or not. Providing it's nice outside, I suspect at least one picnic and outdoor excursion will be in order.
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Candace Stevenson said...

hahah I ALWAYS misplace my phone. I have like 2 spots that I usually will always set it so if it's not in those spots I have to get someone to call it. the text from internet thing is genius!

Lovely Little Rants

em said...

I totally forgot about A/A Thursdays. AHHHH Is the pool pretty nice?

nat said...

Thursdays always sneak up on me! The pool looks pretty decent, as long as they keeps twigs, bugs, and birds out of it.