Friday, May 27, 2011

Driving lesson: Follow the lines and arrows!

I witnessed this lovely example of poor driving on my way back from school yesterday.  The speed limit is somewhere between 40 and 50 at this point, but the van in front of me was approaching the intersection quite slowly, even though we had a green light, with a left turn signal.  At this point, nothing is abnormal.

Other driver = orange car, blue piece
ME! = green car, pink piece.  (I'm ALWAYS the green car, duh! and you can picture me in a smart fortwo if you want. It would make an awesome present.)

 The car is still approaching...nothing too weird yet, other than their incredibly slow speed (like, 15 mph maybe). I couldn't go around them since traffic was packed in all lanes (which I didn't feel like picturing because I don't have THAT much free time), so I just hung out behind and watched.

At this point, most people who want to turn left get in the left turn lane.  The light is still green, and they weren't getting in the left turn lane, so I figured they just forgot that their blinker was on.

Blinker is still on...going straight...they must not have wanted to turn. Hmm, okay.  Well, whatever. People forget those things sometimes.

But wait...WHAT?  Okay, so maybe this person just forgot and didn't feel like using the left turn lane to turn left from. They are a wild and free spirit. Whatever.

The amount of weirdness increases. The other side of traffic is mostly packed, as they are waiting for their red light to change.  Mind you, this is all broken down slowly here, but was really happening at about 15mph.  Which is snail speed, for traffic.

So this car is heading toward the other side of traffic.

Yep, that car just got in the other side of traffic's left turn lane.  

 Since the other two lanes of opposing traffic are full of cars, our awesome left-turning car waits for a few cars to let him in.

 He cuts through traffic.

Our driver reaches his destination, and receives a 'Bad Driver Award'.   

I almost didn't even believe that this happened when I saw it.  My pictures aren't the greatest, but I figured it would be more interesting to look at than writing about it. {Do you like the Life game pieces that I used??} How little does that person know about driving??  

It didn't seem like anyone was in harm since the driver was going so slowly, and I'm pretty sure everyone else in the opposing traffic was just trying to stay out of that person's way.  I really wasn't affected at all, but seriously?? c'mon!


em said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the demonstration with game pieces. I expect more now.

nat said...

I was gonna use Monopoly pieces at first, but realized I had actual car pieces! If/when I see more bad driving scenarios, I will have to share them like this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow....was it an older person at the wheel? or maybe someone who wasn't a local...although people should surely notice and know left turn lanes and signals...left turn protected arrow.
Good luck with your travels. Mom