Tuesday, May 10, 2011

bistro set

Recently we purchased a "bistro set" from Target.  It did not come pre-assembled, so the Mr. and I made two chairs and a table out of the random metal shapes. {out of our bare hands.} Voila!  

Some screws were left over, but I'm sure it'll be just fine...
the living room sliding door to the balcony

I couldn't really get a decent picture, but it's taller than it looks- it's about hip height.

We're in the picture, see?  So is the sunshine!!!

We bought a citronella candle to put on the table to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  The balcony is where we'll keep the plants, too.  I'm glad we have a little "outside" space that we can enjoy!


em said...

you both look very happy!

nat said...

I'm happy since I'm "shoe free" and the Mr. must be happy since he has circles for hands and feet. :) plus, we're roasting in the sun.