Monday, May 9, 2011

Busy weekend!

Phew!  Our Friday went like this:

9:00 Leave for the north DMV
9:30 -10:10 DMV stuff {holy cow, we were not expecting it to go this fast! 40 minutes here vs. 4 hours at the other place!!}
10:10-2:00 We had to take the car to get inspected, then the mechanic fixed the car, and reinspected it so it would pass.  We paid a bunch for it and in the meantime we ate lunch {sushi} and browsed around the nearby mall.
2:00 - Left the DMV/mechanic/mall area for campus
2:30-3:00 I got my picture for my new student ID card, got the campus parking sticker for my car, and bought books. That also set us back a few bucks.

We had a little downtime to have a smoothie and relax before heading out again.

4:30 Left for some organized bowling. I'm pretty sure we drove through some ghettos, and made it there late, but alive. GoogleMaps estimates of driving times through cities is about half of what it actually is. Ugh.
5:10 BOWLING!  We bowled and the Mr. scored 147 then 145.  I bowled 109 and 112.  We bowled until
7:30 left the bowling alley, taking a different way back, making much better time than before
8:00 got back to the apartment
8:15 headed out to the movie theater to meet up with another couple to catch the
9:10  showing of THOR. I thought it was a pretty fantastic movie. It lasted until
11:10 at which point we drove back and basically fell straight asleep!

I've gotten so used to going to bed around 9, that I was honestly surprised that I stayed awake after such a busy day.  I even kind of tripped on the escalator since I am so nimble on my feet {har har har}.

On Saturday and Sunday we did more necessary paperwork and chores.  Today we went on a walk through a protected forest area, and that was pretty interesting.  We also planted some seeds, so hopefully those will turn out well!

I hope everyone else had a fun, relaxing weekend!


em said...

what seeds did you plant?

nat said...

Early and late tomatoes, yellow squash, green peppers, scallions, sweet basil, marigolds, and snapdragons. I'm assuming we're past the last frost!