Thursday, May 5, 2011


This has nothing to do with mayonnaise. However, you CAN celebrate today since it is the 5th of May!

I think I should surprise the Mr. by finding a mariachi and having them play music when he gets home. That would be cool, right? Or, I could skip spending the money and try to learn a song on the guitar. Hrm- not sure how that would pan out. Perhaps we will have to dine on burritos, nachos, and margaritas this evening for supper!  Also, I do not have a sombrero or a serape, but we have a cowboy hat and regular blankets. I suppose we'll just have to make do. We don't even have a spare piñata on hand!!! (I did find a Darth Vader piñata here, which oddly enough, can mix the May 4 and May 5 festivities.  weird, huh?) :-P

Here is some mariachi music to help start your festivities...

{In case the video doesn't load, you can watch it here, too.}

I tried finding the clip from Arrested Development where Buster brought the mariachi over to Marta's house, but I couldn't find it. sad.  And, in case you really need help learning how to celebrate, of course the internet can help you out with that here.  Sending out invitations is their first step, but if you're like me, you probably just realized that today is, in fact, the 5th of May.  I think opting for some 'Cinco de Mayo' music and food would be fine enough, instead. :-)


em said...

I think you should try to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with the household items you have. Instead of sombero, cowboy hat, instead of salsa, use some on and so forth, and take pictures to document along the way...gringo style, yo.

nat said...

Hmm, not sure about the 'eating straight up mayo' thing- lol, I only buy mayo for tuna sandwiches. Perchance the internet will be delighted to a wonderful pictoral treat tomorrow? eh, maybe??