Friday, May 6, 2011

Our Cinco de Mayo Feast!

I had the smaller pan (left), the Mr. had the larger pan (right). We basically just piled lots of chips, salsa, beans, and cheese together and stuck it in the oven.

The Mr. put the #5 in honor of CINCO DE MAYO!!!

Sticking the first one in the oven...

...and the second one.

Salsa with guacamole on the left, guacamole on the right. Tasty additions!

COWBOY STYLE! See? He has a cowboy hat and everything!  Disregard the very 'cowboy' bananas in the corner.

COWGIRL STYLE!  I have a hat, too!

His finished product. 
Party time!
We ate our food and it was delicious.  We'll have to eat these nachos more often.  Hope everyone had a great Cinco de Mayo!


em said...

that looks deliciously tasty

nat said...

'twas quite tasty!