Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Edit Me - Week 3

Original Photo

Photo with my Edits

This week's 'Edit Me!' picture proved more difficult than last week's picture, just since I wasn't quite sure where to start with it.  Black and white seemed like an interesting option, but I liked the color in the background too much to fade it away.  I usually like to do funkier edits, but I figured I should preserve the detail in the face.  I crystallized the background, gave it a boost of color, and added the border.

My Reflection of Something

That's the end of my study break...  So, no posts tomorrow- and wish me luck studying!  By then, hopefully I'm an expert at the central and peripheral nervous systems. My neurons will be ready to take a break from firing so much, by Friday afternoon. - har har har!


Courtney said...

Love your creative edit! Very cool!

Branson said...

What a fun edit! Portraits are trickier for me, too ;-) Glad you linked up with us!

Anonymous said...

Great creative edit.

Stephanie said...

Very Cool!

em said...

Nice edit lady. Good luck with the studies, yo. I thought the same, I edit the boy to extreme measures sometimes, but I felt I shouldn't do that seeing as it wasn't my photo.

Laurie said...

That's so pretty! I like the playful feel of it. I'd love to see you at my new challenge this Saturday!