Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week in Review!

PHEW!! We survived the was a busy one.  I pretty much studied for my anatomy and physiology mid-term non-stop.  I think it really paid off, though, so I'm glad everything I studied was on the test. Nothing caught me off-guard, so I'd say I was well prepared.

After my mid-term, the Mr. and I went to a mechanic to get the his car's air conditioner working again. Less sweating in the car- yay!  We've also been out and about, spending time at the pool, reading, and spotting some lovely flowers along the way.  Other than my class being half done, not much else has been new this week.  Now it's time for relaxing!
The clouds were threatening, but it didn't rain.

 pink and yellow flowers

white and pink flowers

This is my favorite photo of the week- blue lupine, which attracts an endangered butterfly.

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Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

beautiful shots!
love all of them.

i also love your blog. :)

visiting via a photographers' eyes.