Friday, June 10, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday! Vacation edition

This week for Fill-in-the-Blank-Friday, the theme is vacations!

1.   This weekend I'm       probably going on an anniversary date and studying for the final next week   and      I am looking forward to dressing up and going out way more than the studying!  .

2.  My last vacation was    oh gosh, um...? Probably Hawaii almost a year ago for our honeymoon.  I don't think I've been on any real vacations since then.  I've visited people, but I don't know if anything else has counted as a 'vacation'. 

3.  My next vacation will be     probably in August, although it's still up in the air.

4.  My favorite way to relax is   either going to the pool on a sunny day, or listening to music and playing useless games  .

5.  When vacationing one should always    bring snacks for the car/plane/train/bus and leave space to bring back souvenirs.   

6.  When vacationing one should never   drink all the water one brought right away (since one probably ate all the salty snacks right away), otherwise the next few exits with gas stations will become mandatory pit stops. 

7.  The best part about a vacation is   not worrying about minutia! {Which should be banned on all vacations!!!}  The best vacations are care-free .

Can I go back there??

Picture of Waikiki from the evening catamaran cruise
I wish I would have known how to use my camera better, and this doesn't do it justice, but I thought the shoreline with all the buildings lit up was really pretty.

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