Thursday, June 9, 2011


The Mr. had gotten off work, and after a quick jaunt over to the grocery store, we were planning on going to the pool since it was pretty close to 100* at 5:00 pm yesterday.  Our plans were foiled, even though we already had our suits on, as big raindrops began to fall. :( 

It hailed two times, each for about five minutes or so.  It rained a LOT and it was fairly windy, but there wasn't any damage to the cars.. I should have reached for my camera, but didn't know where it was yesterday.

It had been hot and sunny all day long, and the online forecast showed nothing besides clear skies. This storm must have been a "blip" on the radar that went unnoticed. I'm really glad we didn't go to the pool because we would have been pelted with marble-sized ice chunks!  {I'm kind of wondering if the people who were already at the pool got hit by hail or happened pretty quick!} 

Other than that, the Mr. has been very helpful with supper-making and cleanup while I cram in some more study time so I'm very thankful to him for that. One pop-quiz was yesterday, and another quiz is tomorrow.  This class is going fast...3 weeks in and I'm 75% done, holy cow!

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Best of luck on your quiz!