Monday, June 6, 2011

Hiking - Part 1

This weekend went fast, and hiking was pretty fun and tiring on Sunday. There were about 12 people in the group when we left, and 12 people when we came back. So it was a good thing that no one went missing on a random side trail.

I wish I would have looked at the time when we got to the top, but I know that it took us 2.5 hours to go UP and back DOWN.  Our total pit stop time was about 30 minutes, so I'm thinking it took 75 minutes to get to the top and 45 coming back down.  Gravity was MUCH appreciated on the descent, and different muscles hurt going UP.  (On the way up, my glutes and calves could feel it, where coming back down my quads and ankles were in pain!)

I'm not sure what the 'ground' distance was that we traveled, but I know from the base to the summit we gained about 2600 ft in elevation.  There was a lot of flat bedrock and limestone at 30* angles, or so, and I would not have wanted to do that if it were raining.  It would have been even more slippery!

We saw lots of dogs making the trek that barely seemed winded when they got to the top.  All of them were energetic, and excited to see lots of people taking a snack break!!

Needless to say, I slept well last night.   I took some Advil, since I seem to hurt all over- arms, back, legs...I'm not even sure why my arms hurt so much from hiking.  It's not like I carried boulders on the way up, or anything.    

Anywho- here is a picture that we took at the top of the summit.  There are quite a few more photos, but I'll have to look through them when I have more time.  It was a fairly cloudy day, but I'm glad it didn't end up raining.  {If it did rain, I would have surely slid the entire way down!}


em said...

so it was a planned hike? How far away from where you live did this happen?

nat said...

yep, it was planned. I would have no idea how to pick just one mountain in the area to hike. they're all over!

It was about a 90 minute drive away, which was much more than I was expecting. Very back-woodsy...I definitely wouldn't have gone there alone! It was nice to have experienced hikers along with us, too.