Sunday, June 19, 2011

It's been more than one whole year!

We had a great time celebrating our anniversary! We dressed up for a date and went to a fancy Indonesian restaurant that the Mr. had found.  Later, we bought a cake (since we had already eaten the top part of our wedding cake) and have been eating it throughout the week.  It has lasted a really long time since it is so rich and tasty!

 I'll be sad once we finish it, later today!


For the sake of my own remembering (and anyone else who is interested), the Mr. and I each dined on a course of traditional Indonesian Rijsttafel. With five courses, we had:

1.) Amuse bouche - this was a Japanese, bite-sized hors d'oeuvres. Very small, very tasty.
2.) Chicken satay and soft shell crab - The chicken was spicy and delicious. As for the soft shell crab, this was the first time I've ever eaten an entire crab. It was about the size of the palm of my hand, and tasted really good. I was skeptical, since it seemed weird to eat the claws and everything, but it was a pleasant surprise.
3.) Soto makasar - From the menu: "Beef, chicken, & lamb with kaffir lime leaves, glass noodles, bean sprouts, and beef tenderloin".  I was surprised at how tasty this could be, and I think I'll have to make lime a common addition to any beef-based soups that I make.
4.) Gado gado - This was an interesting salad with peanut sauce.  Our salads also had hard-boiled eggs, tofu, and  "shrimp crisp".
5.) Bakmi goreng (vegetables with fried noodles), babi kecap (pork in sweet soy sauce), and daging rendang (coconut beef) - This was our "main course", and I definitely couldn't finish all of it, even though it was really good. They also served it with "shrimp chips", pickled vegetables, and rice.

For dessert, the Mr. had bananas foster and I had creme brulee. After writing all of this out, I'm really surprised at how much I ate. Wow!

Mignardises - they gave us even MORE snacks. Oy! These were hand-made and wrapped, so we took them home to eat later.

They gave us a complimentary glass of champagne for our anniversary, and we shared half a bottle of Riesling Maximin Grunhauser. I totally forgot to get any pictures of us at the restaurant, but that's alright.

Looking forward to another great year!


em said...

Sounds like you guys had a pleasant time. And yah, after writing that out, that does sound like a lot of food!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! (a bit late) Every time we drive past the Roseville church we remember your wedding day. Driving home from Czech days, Lilly asked out of the blue if we could go see you guys tomorrow. She thought we should ride on the train overnight too. It was pretty sweet!

Anonymous said...

That cake looks awesome! Can I have a piece? :D