Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, Monday

The weekend flew by, and here it is... Monday, again!  Geez-- It was Monday just a week ago! {har har har} 

The weekend was nice and we spent as much of it outside as we could. While it was rainy, we bought and played a new card game called Zombie Fluxx. It's pretty fun. We played that and another card game (Munchkin) this weekend, too. Has anyone else played either of them before?

 They're easy to learn...and that's coming from ME. So...yeah. Well, I guess maybe only RACK-O is easier, but I've never found anyone who's ever played that game outside of family members. I ask around, I'm pretty accustomed to the blank stares. Maybe I need to expose more people to RACK-O...

from Google Image search
In other news...
  • I got an A- in Human Anatomy in Physiology I, so I'm pretty stoked since I ACED the final (75 multiple choice, and 7 or so short answers). I'm looking forward to whenever I can take part II since we didn't get to the cranial nerves . yay. :)
  • I got 80% on my first organic chemistry II test, which is better than I thought I'd do since my answer manual barely came in time for me to study with it. So, 80% isn't stellar, but we can drop the lowest of the four regular tests. (So 3 tests account for 60% of the grade, and the final accounts for 40% of the overall grade.)
I think in every single college class I've taken, my first test score is the worst. So, if it gets better from 80% and I can drop that score, it will probably turn out alright. The next exam is this Thursday, so I'll probably be MIA from the blogosphere until then.

Alright, well...take care, everyone! I'm off to SMARTIFY myself. :)


em said...

way to smartify. i like that word...I might have to start using it on a regular basis!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a smarty pants :) Congrats on the great score for that first class. You will do well in this one too. Study, study, study Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi, your dad says about the grade, he would expect no less....happy to see you did so well. Mom for dad :)