Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Of course...

...the day I'm waiting for a package to arrive (that we "2-day Express" shipped through FedEx), I have seen a FedEx truck drive by once and a UPS truck drive by THREE times!! I've gotten excited each time a truck has passed by.  However, the excitement really isn't warranted...

from Goole Image search

Once I get my Organic Chemistry answer manual I'll have plenty of practice problems to correct on my own, and see how I'm doing. Ya know...since I really can't gauge myself without the right answers for comparison.

I've made it to 3 lectures, so far. There are 19 days of class (since we won't have class on July 4th), and the last day is the final. So, with a total of 18 lectures, I am {rounding up!} about 17% done with the lectures. {Not that I'm counting or anything!}

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