Thursday, July 21, 2011

Edit Me - Week 10



This week's 'Edit Me' picture is from Ginger at 'My Life Just As It Is'.  I had fun editing this one! {And I'm actually not almost a week late!!} Some of my edits included:
  • Tinting the water more blue-green
  • Tinting the smaller bucket yellow (since I was aiming for primary colors)
  • Sharpened/contrasted the bits of sand
  • Added a sunburst
  • Increased the temperature 
  • Rounded the corners

Check out the other edits, too!
My Reflection of Something


em said...

I like your edit! What program did you use to do that?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful job on your edit.

nat said...

Thanks! I forgot to mention that I used picnik- it works pretty well for most of what I do, but maybe I can learn some photoshop with some extra time.

Kara @ Just1Step said...

I like how you tinted the water more blue-green!

mommy of Five said...

great edit!

Bonnie said...

That edit is really gorgeous. The colors pop so much more!
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Desirae R said...

I love your edit. I love that you added color to the water!

Kathryn said...

SO nice. love this!

Branson said...

Wow, I really LOVE the colors in your edit! Seriously awesome! :)