Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hospital, Waiting, and Loot

So, awhile ago my Dr. had given me an order to get a blood draw. She said I could do it at ANY lab or ANY hospital, which I happened to clarify with her  in front of the Mr. We scheduled something at a convenient time for each of us at a nearby lab...went there...waited...and it turned out that the didn't run that test at their location. They told us to try a different hospital. We promptly went to Hospital A, since it was nearby, waited...and they didn't run that test either. Soooo....finalllllly this morning, we traveled to Hospital B {which is closer to his work}, got in and out, and everything went well.  
Lesson learned: Make sure the Dr. doesn't use only initials for a test, and also make sure you know where to go and at what times.

After that, the Mr. dropped me off at a nearby shopping center and he went to work for a few hours.  The loot below is evidence of me being stranded in a large shopping center alone for longer than I figured I browse:
I found a cuuuuuuute apron at Marshall's and I also found a nice sized mortar & pestle set.  Obviously I'm in the mood for avocados/guacamole, because at Bed Bath and Beyond, it seemed only reasonable that we'd need an avocado utensil.  One end gets the seed out and the other does the slicing. {Usually I just mash at it with a spoon, but now I can have slices!} We also got a paper towel stand thingy, since the paper towel's didn't really have a good "home" before. 

Aaaaand, last but not least! I found the original game of Fluxx and Pirate Fluxx at Barnes and Noble. The original deck can be shuffled in with the pirate version, and that would probably make more sense if you knew the game. Basically, the rules change as you play it and it's fairly fun. {If you are interested, this link can tell you how to play Fluxx.}

So, time for some relaxing inside with the A/C on. The heat wave is here, and it's certainly nice to be inside!


em said...

Isn't it fun being stranded somewhere? At least you got something out of it!

Jenn said...

The game flux sounds fun... I'll have to look for it.