Monday, July 25, 2011

Video games, outside, and good food

Yesterday, the Mr. had the entire day off!! He has been super busy since June and it looks like August will be another busy month with more project deadlines, travelling, and other commitments. To take full use of his day, after doing necessary paperwork,  we went for a walk, played catch with the Frisbee, and played some video games.

 He ended up beating it all without warps the first time through, and then warped through to beat the 'star' worlds pretty quickly again. I played as Luigi, who needs to jump a little higher and run a little faster, imho.

For supper, we had brussels sprout salad and a veggie bake casserole.
The salad has mandarin oranges, pomegranate seeds, lettuce, brussels sprouts with a dressing.
The casserole has noodles, a tomato mixture, spinach, cottage cheese.

If I remember, I might reuse these pics to post the recipes. Both are DEEEELICIOUS.
And I'm not sure why my camera kept blurring up, but this was the best picture I could take. Also, I wanted to get to the "devouring" part of dinner. :)

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!


Jenn said...

The food looks fantastic... I love oranges in my salad.

em said...

Mario is awesome! My camera went through that phase so I had to use my flash all the reason why I got the new one.

Stasha said...

Your blog is not helping with my intention to eat less.