Thursday, September 29, 2011

100TH BLOG POST!! and the ABC's of Me

This post is my 100th blog post, which seems pretty cool to me. I'm not sure if I've actually improved much since I started in March, but I'd like to think I have! So, for today's post, I'm doing 'The ABC's of Me'. Are you excited?
A $100 bill for the 100th post seems appropriate, right? Sorry, it's not a giveaway!!!

If I haven't said it before, I want to thank my followers and daily readers for dropping by and being interested in what I have to say. It's nice hearing comments and feedback, and mostly, knowing that someone else will read this. THANK YOU!!

Autumn: My favorite season. Not too hot, not too cold.

Blogging: I started to keep in touch with family when we moved. Now, it still serves that purpose, but is also much more fun than I would have thought.

Cooking: I like doing it when I don't have to. Otherwise it feels like work.

Details: Sometimes I pay them too much attention.

Eyes: Green with some yellow/brown.

Funny: I'd like to think I'm HA-larious! har har har. I'm not at all sarcastic, either.

Green: It's always been my favorite color!!

Healthy: some exercise every day goes a long way.

Indecisive: Sometimes. Sometimes not. well, depends. see?

Jabber: at the Mr. He is the best listener. {I rhymed!!!!}

Knees: Mine are weird.

Likes listening to: anything upbeat.

Married: Quite happily!

Noodles: are delicious!

Organized: All my things have places.

Pet-Peeve: Drivers who speed up to cut me off, then drive slower than me.

Quadruped: Nope, I'm a biped! 

Reading: Online and offline, I read a bunch.

Swimming: My favorite sport to participate in.

Travel: I'd like to travel more! I've only been to Ireland, overseas.

Umbrellas: They are cute. I have one with 'Starry Night', and it's my favorite.

Vegetables: are delicious. My current favorite is eggplant.

Water: for swimming, drinking, bathing, raining...but not all at once. that would be weird.

X-rays: Um, a few?  yay joints!

Year my hair thinks it is: any big-hair era. It is poofy, wavy, unruly, and pretty much does whatever it wants. It is probably a road hazard.

Zodiac: an archer- apparently I'm half-human and half-horse. Does that change my answer to 'quadruped'?

So, there you have it: the ABC's of Me! Did you learn anything new about me?


em said...

I think bi-ped could still apple to half human / half horse.

erica marie said...

Fun post, I love your answers for indecisive and water...too funny. Congrats on the 100th post, sometimes keeping up with blogging can be hard. Lovely blog, I'm following :)


Bonnie said...

I love that you celebrated your 100th blog post with the ABCs of you. YAY!!!! :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Anonymous said...

This made me giggle. So good to know more about ya.. I think you are still a biped :P

Lauren said...

What are you doing with eggplant? I liked the ABC's congrats on your 100th post.