Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi Day Cupcakes!

In honor of pi day (celebrating 3/14), I made cupcakes that look like little pies!
If you go here you can learn a little more about pi. The Mr. helped quite a bit, too, since we ended up making FOUR DOZEN!!

I basically just tried to mimic this and this and think we ended up doing a pretty good job, after the learning curve!  My biggest tip: Cut off the rounded muffin top so that the 'pie' parts can lay flat- that way the M&Ms won't fall off.  We decided that red = apple pie, orange = pumpkin pie, yellow = lemon meringue, green = key lime pie, blue = blueberry, and brown = French silk pie. Boy- they were tasty!!!

Hope everyone's doing well - take care!


Em S said...

those are awesome! I totally saw that yesterday was pi day, but forgot to "celebrate" know being sleepy most of the day, may have something to do with it...and why did you make so many?! are you going to eat them all?

Anonymous said...

Oh, these look so good. Good Job. Did you share them with anyone, or eat them al??? :) Joan

mountain mama said...

those are too cute! good job!