Monday, May 23, 2011

First day of class

So, today was my first day of Human Anatomy and Physiology I class.  It was nice being back in a classroom, but the class is a little long.  The class lasts for three hours, and I think we'll get to take breaks.  I just checked to count and saw that I had nine pages of notes.  I haven't done that much handwriting in quite awhile...hopefully I can read it later for studying!

Of course, the teacher messed something up with the book that we're supposed to have for class, so it's not at the bookstore like it should be.  I'll probably try to order it online, and pay for speedy shipping. Since it's a four week class, every day of class is "equivalent" to one week of a "regular" school week.  For that reason, I really hope it doesn't take too long for my book to get here since our first quiz is Friday. 

I definitely don't think I'm the only one going back for individual classes.  One other person is getting their pharmacy degree and is required to take this class, as well.  Everything we covered today, I've already heard a million times so I don't think it will be too tough.  I've had comparative anatomy and physiology of cats, dogs, cows, goats, sheep, horses, chickens, and pigs...but no humans. It's all pretty similar...well, except for the chickens. Birds are w-e-i-r-d, anatomically speaking. 

I took some pictures of campus for everyone to see...this first picture is approaching campus.
 All the buildings are really tall, with overhangs between buildings so students don't have to get wet if it's raining outside.

Here's another picture of the same thing, just edited a different way.  I think the top picture makes it look dirty and creepy, but the bottom one makes it look a lot nicer and softer.

 Here's one of the small grassy areas for hanging out.   

The photo on the left is the original, but I thought it looked too boring so I made it more exciting.  This is the carillon on campus.  It seems like the campus was designed by someone who wanted to get as much cement as possible in a small area.  It definitely lacks the aesthetics and warmth of my alma mater!!!

 This is the bottom of the super-tall carillon.  Apparently students can dip their feet in the water to cool off when it's hot, or something, but that sounds really gross to me.  The fountain in the center isn't turned on, and I think there were about five other huge fountains that I passed on my way to class.


em said...

cool. i like your edits! have fun and SCHOOL! Learn something NEW. tee hee hee

nat said...

thanks- I had fun with the edits! lots to learn still. Hopefully it doesn't tire me out too fast!

em said...

are you still just using Picnik? Or have you found other software/webware?

nat said...

Yeah, basically just picnik- I really don't want to download anything, and I do the same few edits every time. I like fotoflexer, too. If I downloaded photoshop I'm sure no one would hear from me for days b/c I wouldn't want the program unless I understand all the "ins and outs".