Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Pillows!

I've been really busy and meaning to post the pictures of the pillows I've made so far! I have three done, and three more to go.  They're fun to make, and I like sifting through my own ideas to make them unique.

Here's a picture of my first pillow. (It even has it's own blog post, here!)

second pillow- with a bow! (I think it would be cute to wrap a present like this.)

detail of the second pillow (my camera doesn't seem to like working in macro...)

third pillow

 detail of the third pillow (notice that the purple looks nothing like it "actually" should, but I don't have time to mess with color editing right now)

 Three happy pillows, hanging out on the yellow chair!  

Thanks to my mom being able to fix the sewing machine while my parents were visiting, I was able to finish the third pillow. It had been out of commission for longer than I had liked, and was starting to get worried it wouldn't get finished! THANKS MOM!

I also figured out that an envelope back(which I did on the second and third pillows) was much less time consuming than the "other" way I managed to close the first pillows. Good thing I learn fast!

I'm also linking up with the Earth Wonders Photo Challenge! This week's theme is 'clouds'. 
Do you see the foot shaped cloud? 

Next week I have a pharmacology exam- this weekend I must study, study, study. Hope everyone's hanging in there this week- it's almost Friday!!


Anonymous said...

you've been really busy and creative :) thank you for joining Earth Wonders this week. xxo

Anonymous said...

totally love the second one :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Lots of detailed sewing on that last pillow --- well done, Nat. Good luck with your test! :)