Monday, October 3, 2011

Hot Air Balloon Festival: Version 3

Okay, so this will be my last set of hot air balloon pictures, I promise! {In case you missed them, here's the first set and here's the second set.} I didn't get out and take many pictures this weekend, so I figure that's just fine. I keep wanting to share a recipe or two, but I don't want to forget about these pretty balloons either. :)

{Click the pictures to enlarge}

We had a fun, relaxing weekend without doing too much.  We watched the ISU vs Texas game...which was pretty ridiculous...and not in a good way.

This balloon was starting to deflate by the time I walked over there to take his picture. The poor guy's losing too much weight, for a panda bear!

I was in a cooking and sewing mood this weekend, so I started making my second (of six) pillows. {The first one is here.} The Mr. and I also made Jell-O filled citrus fruit and a candy-corn style cheesecake, which is hard to explain so I'll post pictures later. 

OH!! And don't forget to check out and enter em's giveaway here!!

Back to studying for me. Hope everyone had a nice weekend, and happy Monday


Anonymous said...

Ive never seen a panda bear balloon! That is too cute..

Anonymous said...

What great shots. I love them. Looks like fun.

Amarie said...

Those colors are amazing!

rebecca said...

such beautiful photos! thank you for linking up with the simple things this week. :) Rebecca